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This is the new apping site for srtclan.
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 app for AJ

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PostSubject: app for AJ   Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:02 am

Id like to apply for the Srt clan. I will change my name if i have to.
Here we go.

1.How good are you?
Im pretty good.(i only play the srt servers anyways)

2.Why do you want to join Srt?
It is very popular and i am very isnpired by Srt to become a great player.

3.Do you noob?
I stilling learning the non noobing wepeons soo.

4.Will you follow the rules (in rules page)
Yes, i will try my best to remember.

5.Are you loyal?
Yes. log are you planning to sty in this clan
Until i turn 23.

7.How active are you in this game?website?
I play every day except sundays. for aproximitly 1h-3h

8.will you wear you tag?
You mean SRT only if its okay.

9.How would you rate yourself 1-10?
Im probably a 5-7 depending on the ppl I'm playing. Very Happy

10.can you Host?.
Don't know how.

11.If you were to choose a rank what would it be?
id dont really care to much about rank aslong as im in the clan.

12.Do you have a favorite server?If so what is it called?
Srt sniper TD or is it TO

13.Are you currently in any clan?

14.Are you currently in any clan?
Um. No. ^

15.Have you heard of this clan before?
Yep. because i play on SRT servers.

16.How long have you play?
almost 1 year. i retired about 2 years ago and now I'm playing again.

17.What time do you play and where?
I'll play after 3:00 on weekdays and anytime during Saturday. i don't play on Sundays.
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PostSubject: Re: app for AJ   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:04 pm

sign up at Sorry i couldnt get o you on time but yeah at the moment we will suspend the apping/voting system and startd drafting (getting people to join srt without apping/voting) in as many member worthy enough to join as possible because we are in a crisis/emergency state (of gameplay) at the you dont really have to app because all you need to do is sign up srt main site and you are in the cclan.

i read your app and you seem reasonable as long as you dont noob.So you are in srt!!!Here your tag and rank: {srt}aj[trn]

remember to sign up Razz

-thank you for your time-
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app for AJ
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